Your Guide to Luxury Mens Ties

By Harris & Howard

Your Guide to Luxury Mens Ties

Your Guide to Luxury Mens Ties

By Harris & Howard

Your Guide to Luxury Mens Ties

Whether you wear a tie every day or they are solely the preserve of special occasions, there is no denying that it can completely transform both the look and feel of an outfit. After all, as Oscar Wilde once said, "A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life."

So, let's begin with the basics…

How To Wear a Luxury Necktie

Regardless as to the style of tie you have chosen to wear, it should always look like an effortless component of your look, despite the fact that it is doing so much of the heavy lifting in terms of bringing your outfit together.

- Length

Both the length and width of your tie contribute to your overall ensemble. Ideally, the very tip of your tie should sit immediately above your belt buckle, where it contributes to a streamlined silhouette and creates a sense of balance between the other elements of your attire.

- Width

Ties are available in a variety of different widths, each of which offers something unique and can be an excellent way to showcase your personality and personal sense of style. Skinny ties often have a more contemporary look, whereas super wide ties often draw influence from the disco era, which can add a fun element to an ensemble.

In addition to the overall style you're hoping to achieve, there are several other elements that should come into play when you are selecting your tie.

It is typically advisable to roughly match the width of your tie to the size of your suit lapels, which will maintain a sense of balance. You may also want to consider your build, as gentlemen with broader shoulders may prefer to wear a wider tie, whereas those with a smaller stature may be able to create a more balanced and streamlined look with a slimmer tie.

The Most Popular Luxury Ties for Men

It goes without saying that ties come in a variety of different styles and are crafted from a range of different materials, including wool, cotton, and silk. Both the overall style and the material used will impact the look of a tie, so let's take a moment to run through some of the most popular styles and materials.

Knitted Silk Ties

Offering a contemporary twist on a traditional tie, silk knitted ties have become a firm favourite amongst tailors and their clientele alike. Intricately hand-crafted from pure silk, knitted ties can be an excellent vehicle to bring an extra layer of personality, not least because they are available in myriad colours, tones and patterns.

The most popular knitted silk ties have a streamlined silhouette with a slimmer blade that exudes contemporary sophistication. Mens knitted ties also provide a subtle element of texture, which offers extra depth that can be styled to suit both casual and formal occasions for optimal versatility.

Seven-Fold Ties

This very traditional type of tie is made using a single piece of silk, which has been folded seven times and hand stitched for an elevated, very precise look. Skilled artisans take their time when crafting this type of tie, spending several hours ensuring that every fold and stitch is perfectly placed.

More than twice as much material and at least six times as much time goes into the creation of a seven-fold tie, however, the final outcome is a beautiful accessory that has enough structure to remove the need for a separate lining. Seven-fold ties are durable, soft, and always drape perfectly when worn, making them a worthy investment for every sharp-dressing gentleman.

How To Tie a Luxury Tie

There are a number of ways to tie a luxury tie, ranging from simple knots to slightly more complicated styles.

The Four-In-Hand knot is arguably the simplest option and works best with ties made from heavier fabrics, such as wool. This style of knot also looks great with a dimple, which can be made simply by forming a crease in the material with your index finger and thumb just before you pull your tie tight.

The Half Windsor knot is another popular option, as it is ideally suited to both every day and more formal tailoring. This type of knot works well with mid-weight ties and suits most collar types.

The Full Windsor knot is rather more formal, as it is larger and offers a very precise, symmetrical look. This type of knot is best suited to lightweight ties due to the number of steps required to tie into place.

Your tailor is best placed to advise which method is best suited to your ensemble and choice of tie, however, it's always enjoyable to experiment with different looks. In addition to a selection of bespoke tailoring services and our unparalleled expertise, Harris & Howard Bespoke Tailors also offer a range of ready to purchase knitted ties for men in an array of patterns and colours, in addition to traditionally hand-crafted seven-fold ties, a style which dates back to the nineteenth century.

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