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Bespoke Trousers

Bespoke Trousers


Trousers are an essential part of any outfit. As with your jacket, a flattering pair can make all the difference and is undoubtedly worth the investment. Crafted to your measurements and style preferences, at Harris & Howard, every pair of trousers we produce is designed to flatter and give gentlemen of every size the best fit.

As every client has a unique build, we create an individual pattern from which to cut the trousers from and tailor the trousers precisely to fit their physique. From formal workwear to casual, our bespoke trousers are made from the finest wools, tweeds, and cottons.

There are many components in a bespoke pair of trousers, and, correspondingly, we have a multitude of ways to stylise them. Aside from the backbones of cut, style, and cloth, bespoke trousers can be tailored in almost every way. Whether you are looking for suit trousers, country flannels, golfing strides, shooting breeks, chinos or smart shorts, our clothiers are here to help. Our custom make allows you to decide the depth of a waistband and where you find it sits most comfortably; choose your preference of belt loops and side adjusters; select the pocket styles to compliment shape and use; and so much more.

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