About Us

About Us


Harris & Howard Bespoke Tailors is an exclusive brand that is known for producing the finest gentlemen’s garments. Steeped in the long-established traditions of British tailoring, we are recognised for our attention to detail, expert craftsmanship, and customer service; priding ourselves in creating clothes to make our clients look great, feel comfortable, and receive compliments – no matter what the occasion. ​ 

Perfectly tailored clothing reflects who you are and positively impacts how people see you. From a broad spectrum of business suits and formal attire to casual and sporting wear, we will put together outfits to suit your personality, body shape, and lifestyle. Our professional clothiers will guide you through a seemingly infinite variety of styles and materials to complement your individuality and form your very own sartorial masterpiece.


The Three C's...

At Harris & Howard Bespoke, to maintain our exclusivity, quality, and presence, we scour the globe looking for only the highest quality cloth and trimmings: Australian Merino Wool, Egyptian Cotton, Scottish Tweed, Irish Linen, South African Mohair, and Vicuna from Peru. 

We have relationships with the finest mills and merchants across the world, including Dormeuil and Dugdale Bros in Huddersfield, England, and Vitale Barberis Canonico and Reda in Biella, Italy.

We take over 35 measurements, as well as detailed photos, posture analysis, and utilise our collection of fit garments to ensure our clothing is tailored to your exact figure and configuration. ​

We also guarantee to provide you with guidance to select the right style to suit you, enhance your silhouette, and fit your preferences. With consideration of the function of the clothes in your lifestyle, we can make expert recommendations, upgrading your wardrobe to new levels.

Here in the UK we have our own skilled tailors in Alderley Edge and Chester whilst in the USA we have bases in Texas and Arizona.

We also utilise several workshops to allow us to create the large variety and complexities of garments we offer.  

We carefully choose the most highly trained workshops that employ talented experts from all corners of the tailoring world – from cutting, and sewing to using top-of-the-market equipment in order to handle the finest materials, from super-soft, lightweight silks to heavy-weight tweeds and leather.