The Subtle Art of Selecting a Summer Wedding Suit

By Harris & Howard

The Subtle Art of Selecting a Summer Wedding Suit

The Subtle Art of Selecting a Summer Wedding Suit

By Harris & Howard

The Subtle Art of Selecting a Summer Wedding Suit

A summer wedding season should be filled with sunshine, love, and impeccably tailored suits. So, whether you're the groom, a guest or part of the wedding party, selecting the right summer wedding suit is both a delicate balancing act and a subtle art form in its own right.

To help you make the right decision for your next celebration, let's explore the considerations you'll need to make in order to select some summer wedding-appropriate tailoring that suits your personal style and will give you some serious sartorial credentials in every official snapshot and candid photograph alike.

The Materials

Whether the nuptials are taking place outside or indoors, summer weddings tend to come with lots of heat and humidity. You'll want to be comfortable throughout the event, so it's important to select a lightweight and breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen. Just remember, as fabric impacts the overall aesthetic of a garment, it is important to work with a tailor to select fabrics that are appropriate for the style of your wedding ceremony.

Linen mens tailored suits often have a laid back style, which suits relaxed cuts and more casual events. Conversely, a lightweight wool suit will have a crisper and fresher look, making it an ideal choice for more formal or traditional wedding ceremonies. Seersucker cotton suits can sit somewhere in between, with a relaxed vibe that can be precisely tailored for a polished and refined look that merges classic design with a modern twist.

The Colour

Summer weddings typically have a lighter colour palette, which means that cream, beige, light grey and light blue suits will often make the right impression.

If you want to achieve a truly classic aesthetic that still offers plenty of versatility, then you can't go wrong with a navy blue suit. However, don't be afraid to go a few shades lighter in colour to really lean into those summer season looks. Many styles of bespoke mens suits work with a light blue fabric, including both incredibly laid back and decidedly more tailored cuts.

For a contemporary look that still looks very put together and stylish, a mink brown suit could be an excellent choice. The neutral light brown or deep beige tone is surprisingly versatile, pairing well with crisp white shirts and soft pastel tones alike.

The Cut

As linen suits exude relaxed elegance, this is an excellent option for everyone who doesn't want to wear a classic three-piece suit. So, you could opt for a pair of trousers and a matching blazer which can be styled with everything from a loose open-collared shirt to a slightly more fitted shirt with a suitable tie.

A crisp cotton suit can provide more structure and versatility, with everything from a semi-formal look to a traditional three-piece suit firmly on the table. Your tailor will be able to advise you on the types of cotton material that are suitable for a formal summer wedding look, ensuring that you remain comfortable and looking your best throughout the event.

For those looking for something in between a linen and a cotton, a lightweight wool is an excellent choice. You'll want to seek out a fabric with a high super-wool count, as this indicates a finer material which is better suited to warm weather events. Lightweight wool blend suits are designed to drape across the body with ease for a put-together yet easy-going aesthetic.

The Fit

Bespoke mens suits are designed to fit your body perfectly, allowing your ensemble to do the talking. There are many different areas that can highlight a poorly fitted suit, most notably across the chest, arms and shoulders. It is important that your arms have enough room to move naturally, as this will help you to avoid coming across as too stiff or awkward in all the photographs. Remember, bespoke mens suits that are too tight will often pull across the stomach and back areas, whereas suits that are too large can give the appearance of dressing up in someone else's clothes.

The Value of Bespoke Tailoring

A simple online search for "suit tailor near me" can provide you with a wealth of tailoring options, the best of which will be able to travel to your home or office in order to deliver a truly bespoke experience. Remember, when conducting your "suit tailor near me" search, it is important to actively seek out experienced tailors with a proven track record of delivering impeccable experiences to each and every one of their clients.

Harris & Howard aim to demystify the world of bespoke tailoring, ensuring that everyone feels confident enough and empowered to invest in fully personalised luxury garments for both momentous occasions and everyday use alike.

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