An Introduction to Men's Bespoke Overcoats

By Harris & Howard

An Introduction to Men's Bespoke Overcoats

An Introduction to Men's Bespoke Overcoats

By Harris & Howard

An Introduction to Men's Bespoke Overcoats

Whether you're looking for outerwear that will keep you warm during the winter months, protect you from the elements during periods of turbulent weather, or simply look stylish for any occasion, there are a variety of different types of overcoats to choose from.

The sheer level of choice in this regard can sometimes be overwhelming, which is why we're here to run you through some of the most popular styles that can elevate your wardrobe in an instant.

The Raincoat

In addition to offering protection from the often unpredictable weather we face every season, raincoats can also look supremely stylish, so there's no reason you should be forced to choose between form and functionality.

High quality men's raincoats are constructed from lightweight, breathable and waterproof fabrics, which are then cut and crafted to fit elegantly over bespoke mens suits. Ventile is one of the most popular premium raincoat fabrics, as it was originally developed during WW1 in Manchester by scientists tasked with developing a fabric that would protect pilots if they were forced to land at sea.

The Chesterfield Coat

The Chesterfield coat is a formal overcoat, which is typically dark in colour and sits on the knee. This design was first introduced in the 1840s and was made prominent by the 6th Earl of Chesterfield, who was an icon in British fashion at the time.

The Chesterfield features a velvet collar and waist seam detailing and is notable for its absence of horizontal seams. The coat can be gently shaped with darts and comes in both single and double-breasted varieties. This silhouette works well in a variety of fabrics, including heavy tweed, and is a design that has been worn by several incarnations of The Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who, including Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker.

The Covert Coat

Interestingly, the Covert coat is widely regarded as a less formal derivation of the Chesterfield.

Covert coats are a type of overcoat that was first created in the late 19th century to be worn when horse riding and hunting. They typically have notched lapels and are shorter than traditional overcoats to allow for the additional movement required to mount and dismount a horse.

Today, covert coats can be easily incorporated into an everyday wardrobe as they offer a slightly more informal topcoat look with an relaxed single-breasted silhouette and centre vent. They are most often constructed from a heavy tweed material in a neutral tan or brown colour, however, navy, grey, and deep green colours are also popular.

The Car Coat

As the name suggests, car coats were originally designed to be worn by both drivers and passengers of automobiles. Early examples of car coats were shaped to provide optimal coverage and warmth, however, over time, they became much shorter and now traditionally end at the seat.

Heavy wool, leather and fur materials were often used during the construction of car coats when they were first designed, although you may be more familiar with the iconic shearling styles made famous during the 1960s and then again in the 1990s.

The Pea Coat

The pea coat was originally worn by European sailors and later adopted by the American navy. They are characterised by their double-breasted front, short length and broad lapels, and are typically fastened with oversized metal, plastic or wooden buttons arranged in two columns and three rows.

Today, the pea coat is widely regarded as a classic coat style and is still typically constructed from heavy navy blue fabrics for optimal warmth and protection from the elements.

The British Warm Coat

The British Warm first made its appearance during the mid-1910s as an overcoat for British officers in the military, however, it was later made famous the world over by Winston Churchill.

The British Warm has a number of core characteristics. It is a double-breasted, heavy coat made from 100% wool, which is traditionally taupe in colour. In addition to a slightly shaped silhouette that sits just above the knee, the British Warm also has peak lapels, leather buttons, and epaulettes. Some wearers prefer to wear the coat with a belt, although it can also be worn without.

Tailored Protection for Your Bespoke Mens Suits

A stylish overcoat will provide the perfect protection for your investment in bespoke mens suits and can be specifically designed to ensure it perfectly complements your current wardrobe.

One of the benefits of investing in made to measure coats in the UK is that you have the opportunity to tailor every element of the design to your personal preferences. From the length of your coat to the lining, collar design, pocket placement and even personalised embroidery, your coat is guaranteed to reflect your personal style and suit your lifestyle.

Harris & Howard specialise in the creation of made to measure coats in the UK crafted from fine coating cloths, including tweed, cashmere and wool. Please explore our website to find out more about the process and the meticulous level of detail you can expect from a bespoke garment.

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