Seven-Fold Ties

We are one of the few tailors to continue the traditional seven-fold tie making process, utilising a single piece of silk, which is carefully folded seven times and hand-stitched for extra precision. The intense, laborious process of creating a seven-fold tie takes our skilled artisans three and a half hours to complete, using double the amount of silk of a regular tie and taking six times as long. With the tie being folded seven times, it creates structure and thickness that extinguishes the need for it to be lined - this results in a 100% silk tie that is soft, durable, and drapes beautifully upon the wearer.

The history of the pure silk seven-fold tie dates back to the 19th century, and its complex folding structure is thought to be the elite standard for a gentleman’s necktie. Billed as “The finest tie human hands can produce,” the seven-fold tie it is indeed the pinnacle of luxury menswear, providing a luxurious and longer-lasting accouterment that is arguably the most exquisite traditional tie available.

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